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What are the work from home tips can we get from the current situation right now? The outbreak of the highly infectious Coronavirus disease has made most people stay inside their homes. That also includes those with full-time jobs at the office. Activities of daily living have rapidly changed from mostly staying outdoors to staying indoors. In six months, peoples’ lives have swiftly changed. That’s right, everything has changed.

This pandemic has made people staying indoors because of the fear of getting infected. Social distancing has been in effect when outside, but still the government and even WHO have advised everyone to stay at home while they can. For those working in the office, most companies have stopped their operations because of the situation. Some have gone bankrupt and caused the loss of jobs for many. Other businesses such as online selling have been very popular nowadays because no one wants to go outside—they don’t want to get infected with the Coronavirus. Almost everyone is now staying at home. Even other companies have requested a skeletal workforce or offered the work from home option.

For some working from home is a great option because there are so many advantages to this. With the current pandemic, you have the liberty to work at the comforts of your own home. What does work from home feel like? Plus, what work from home tips can we get from those who already have experience with this kind of set up?

I, myself, this has been a relief—to be working from home. I’ve worked my entire life in the office and haven’t had the chance to work from home. It’s great to work from home. There are pros, but there are cons, too. Working with an MLM business like Atomy is a great way of working from home. With Atomy’s marketing strategy, working from home is one great opportunity they offer. Choosing to work from home, let me share with you what work from home tips I have thought of that could help those who didn’t have this experience yet.

For me, the most important would be planning or scheduling your day. If you have a full-time job as a reseller of Atomy, with a regular schedule, make sure you are strictly following it. It’s important to stick to your schedule to avoid going overtime or doing unnecessary work. People inside your home must also abide by their schedule. Of course, you still have to give time for household chores and other basic stuff you need to do. Thus, creating or planning your daily schedule is a must.

Next, would be to set some rules. One good work from home tips that is equally important as planning your day. With Atomy, setting rules such as being quiet when you are working on speaking to your customers. No unnecessary visits in your workspace to avoid distractions from your work. Those can be some ground rules you can coordinate with the people you’re living with.

Another work from home tips I can share would be getting your workspace. Since you had a full-time job in an office, you most probably had your desk. Since you’ve now started working from home, you also need your desk or to say find your own space and treat it as your desk, just like when you were in the office. You need this for paperwork, do some stuff on your laptop, and many more. You also need to have your dedicated space to make sure that the products you’ll be reselling with Atomy’s products are in good company. They won’t be scattered anywhere and you won’t have a hard time arranging stuff for shipping.

Apart from the ones I’ve mentioned, another work from home tips I could think of would be scheduling your break. While working in the office, it is a must to take a break from all the work. That also goes the same if you are working from home. Take some time off, even just for a short walk inside your house, or a pee break or even just a coffee break would do. That’s to relax and loosen up and not think of doing work for a while. This helps you mentally rest your mind for a while.

What other work from home tips can I think of that could help first-timers? Although you are at home, it is also important to get dressed. Not necessarily dressed for the office, but comfortable and suitable work clothes would do. This would also help you signal that, “Hey! It’s time for work!” If you wish to put on a little bit of make-up or just wear nice clothes, then do so. This would do. Even if you have a part-time or full-time work with Atomy, wearing nice clothes during work hours would also make you feel confident about doing video meetings with clients and customers. Don’t be afraid to try dressing up.

One last work from home tips I can share would be to eat healthily. It is important to also think about your health while at home. Sometimes, when you work at home, you tend to forget to eat or even drink a cup of water. Well, my friend, please do not neglect your health. Health is wealth. Your body needs all the nourishment it can get even when working from home. Make sure you have time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. You mustn’t skip meals as this is one good factor to keep your brains working.

What are you waiting for? Sign-up with Atomy to have the option to work from home. Plus, you can check out these work from home tips that can surely get you working while at home.

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