Company Introduction

Atomy is your route to the world’s best cosmetics, health supplements, household goods, and the best opportunity to improve your financial well-being.

Atomy is a skincare and cosmetics company that was founded in 2006 by CEO Han Gill Park. The company’s headquarters are located in Federal Way, Washington. Atomy began its global expansion in 2010 when it came to the United States, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Korea, The Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia and is currently pre-registering in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India and Russia. Coming soon to England, France Germany, Indonesia, Vietnam, Chile China / Hong Kong and more The company generated $790 Million in global revenue in 2016 and will likely be over 1 billion in 2017. The company is built upon the Christian belief system and seeks to produce and deliver high-quality personal care and cosmetics products made with all-natural herbal ingredients and sold at affordable prices.

Atomy Currently operates in these 18 countries: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, USA, Canada, India, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia & Peru. Coming soon to Vietnam and more…

Vision & Principles

Since establishment of Atomy, our competitors have never been a company in same network marketing field. Rather, we raised our bar to general retailers, supermarkets, department stores, TV home shopping and Internet shopping malls. Atomy will rewrite the history of Network Marketing.

Atomy follows:

  • Principle Centered Culture
  • Culture of Accompanied Growth
  • Sharing Culture

Build a Global Business At Home

Looking for some extra income, A part time job or a full time Business Opportunity? Do you enjoy sharing? If you’ve tried Atomy products and love them as we do, then sharing comes naturally and when you share Atomy products with your friends, Family, Co-Workers etc. you have an opportunity to earn additional income for yourself and your family now and into the future and possibly for generations to come.


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