What is ATOMY?

Atomy is like a wholesale membership club with free membership like Sams Club or Costco in the US. Atomy believes that quality merchandise should be available to the general public at discount prices.


Atomy is having incredible success. Atomy’s slogan is Absolute Quality, Absolute Price. This means you are getting the highest quality products at the lowest price possible. One of the reasons why Atomy products are of the highest quality is because they use fresh organic herbs that have been ultra-purified to remove any toxins. This ultra purification has been achieved by the researchers at KAERI and Kolmar Beauty and Health. Allowing them to use 500x more of the goodness of the fresh herbs. The reason why Atomy products are better priced is because the goal of Atomy is to dominate the marketplace to where other companies can’t compete. Combine this with a generous referral program and you have something absolutely incredible.

Who are the people who represent ATOMY?

Many of the people that represent Atomy are the users of the product themselves. Because they love the products, it’s natural to talk about them with friends and family and before long it’s turned into a profitable venture. Also Retired people, Stay at Home Moms, Part-timers, or anyone that would like to improve their lives. This is a golden opportunity that is low key, low pressure and a sure way to improve your finances, your health and your life.

How do I buy ATOMY products?

Atomy products are not sold in retail stores but they can be purchased through members or through the member website after you become a member. Membership is free but you need a sponsor to become a member. Product pricing is higher for non-members.

What is the background of Atomy’s Affiliates?

Atomy Inc was founded to distribute products that are produced by Kolmar BNH(sbt). Komar BNH(sbt) was founded to produce goods that the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (the food life engineering research team) researched and developed. Kolmar Korea is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (original design manufacturer) company that manufactures cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and health supplements. Kolmar Korea was established in May of 1990 and is one of the nine global Kolmar USA companies whose technologies and know-how have developed over the past 94 years starting in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA in 1921 as Kolmar.

Why use ATOMY Skin Care products?

Atomy Premium cosmetics are the number one selling cosmetic product in all of Korea. Absolutely the best product at any price. This premium cosmetics comes from a breakthrough technology that allows 500 times more essence of herbs to be added to the cosmetics without changing the color and texture of the cosmetics. But above all else, the product works wonders. It beautifies skin and makes it youthful and radiant at a price that no one else can even come close to. This is Absolute Quality at an Absolute Price.

Why would you or your friends, relatives, or customers buy Atomy?

The answer is very simple. Atomy offers home essentials that everyone needs on a daily basis. High quality products are offered for everyone, best products guaranteed. Atomy provides a wide range of high quality daily essential products that we use such as; Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dishwashing Soap, Toothpaste, beauty products and many more! And on top of that, it’s All Natural, Chemical FREE / GMO FREE.

Plus Atomy provides FREE expedited shipping.

And the best part, 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our products. Atomy products are high quality and very effective. Better than any other products out there. We are confident that our products are effective, once you try it we are sure that you’ll love it. If the company is not confident that their products are great, they simply wouldn’t offer this option! This proves that their products and customer service is the best.

Are Atomy products approved?

Atomy products are approved by FDA, Health Canada and many more agencies.

How is AtomyBenefits.com a cut above any other sponsors?

The answer is simple.

  1. We will provide a business card and brochure for you where you can put your Name, Member ID and Contact Information if you want to.
  2. You can use the website AtomyBenefits.com as a reference for your clients – it has all the products and information, plus it’s very user-friendly!
  3. Joining is very easy. We value your time so we devised a process in which it requires you to spend less time talking and filling out forms because we will do it for you! But of course, you still get the credit the same way as unlimited levels below you – as if you were doing it yourself.

The automated way is the best and most proven successful way of doing business. Once you experience it, let us know what you think! We are very open to feedback and suggestions on how to improve.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: First, you need to sign up through AtomyBenefits.com.
  • Step 2: Then you give your clients the website link and let them know that they can browse and learn about Atomy’s products there.
  • Step 3: Once they are ready to join, they will be able to do that on-site too! It’s as easy as clicking the ‘Join’ button on the top right.
  • Step 4: Fill out the form with their information. And make sure to put the Name of the Referrer into the “How did you hear about us” box then click “Submit”.

That’s it!

Once they sign up and input your name or member ID into the “How did you hear about us”, they will automatically be signed up under you – and any commissions automatically go to you when they place their order.

We got even more creative! If you want us to place the member on your RIGHT lineage then just have them enter – R at the end of the name,

Alex Smith – R

If you want us to place the member on your LEFT lineage then just have them enter – L at the end of the name,

Alex Smith – L

And we will automatically enter them on the next available lineage of yours!

Now, let’s say your new client wants to sign people up too? It’s simple! Have them follow the same steps 1-4 above but to put their name or member ID instead of yours in the box.

And on top of all that, everyone who signs up, will receive more information about AtomyBenefits.com, so they can refer more people. The more people sign up under you would be beneficial. You will still get the credit the same way as unlimited levels below you! You can also hand out the information to your family and friends, anyone.

Watch this video for an explanation on how this works:

Having this great user-friendly easy to use the website and automated system set up in place will increase your lineage sign ups in no time!

All members that sign up through AtomyBenefits.com will be able to enjoy this website service completely FREE of charge, and they will also receive FREE business cards and product brochures which they can hand out to their family and friends, anyone who want to buy Atomy products or who wants to sign up with Atomy to do the business.

Atomy sells Natural Products GMO FREE, and daily essentials that people need on a daily basis! So everyone needs Atomy in their life, they are gonna love these products, why not buy from Atomy since they are all natural, safe and provide wholesale pricing, plus they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee otherwise a full refund can be requested, having said that, this encourages people to buy their products which will make you very successful, the more people you get signed up under you and buy these products, the more you will benefit.

These are some of the benefits when you sign up with AtomyBenefits.com!