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2 reviews for Body Lotion

  1. Tianna Davila

    Atomy never failed to satisfy me! This amazing Atomy Body Care Body Lotion became my all-day moisturizer for my skin to protect it from dryness and dullness. I would love to give this a 5-star review!

  2. Mary

    This is a wonderful product. It’s a truly weightless moisturizer I can apply any time of day to quench any thirstiness I sense on my skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for deeply dry areas, as this is more of a lighter overall body moisturizing product.

    I apply right after drying myself from a shower.

    The fragrance, which is my favorite of any lotion I own (which is a lot) is perfect for spring and summer, and also the fall and winter because it reminds me of spring and summer. There’s an allure to it. My partner loves it when I wear this.

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