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  1. Rhian Hale

    Why choose atomy? Why choose this product? A girl’s must-have. The texture of this lotion is light and soft. Non sticky and definitely has a nice smell. One of the best atomy products I’ve ever purchased! Oh and it’s Free delivery, too.

  2. Skylah Madden

    I chose this natural product of Atomy because the texture is not greasy nor sticky. Atomy Absolute Lotion hydrates my skin from within after being exposed to harmful UV rays.

  3. Brittany Baker

    Absolute Lotion is the solution to my dry skin. My friend gave me this product as a gift and I am super thankful to her. I found out that this lotion works well on my skin. From dry skin to hydrated skin! I so love it! I hope my reviews will also help women or even men with dry skin problems.

  4. Leila Mae R.

    I always keep myself moisturized because I had this experience where my skin got so dry it was so itchy that it started getting wounds. I seldom use lotion because my skin’s really sensitive. After knowing that this Atomy Absolute Lotion is all-natural and organic, I never had a doubt about buying it. The 5-star reviews are just a plus.

  5. K. F. Jensen

    I took some vitamins that really dried up my skin and now I am trying to recover. I saw this advertisement online about this Atomy Absolute Lotion with a review saying that it really made her skin moisturized and smooth. I had to give it a try since there is actually no harm in trying organic products. I have no regrets in buying one. My skin looks a lot better and less dry. I have a very sensitive skin so it really helped me with skin sensitivities. I love how it smoothens my skin. Very hydrating and moisturizing. I super recommend this to those who are having a hard time finding a lotion that won’t irritate their skin.

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