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4 reviews for Buy Atomy AC Solution *1ea

  1. Evalyn Bean

    Atomy AC Solution gives my skin this very relaxing and calming effect. This amazing Atomy product is letting my skin breathe after a very long tiring day.

  2. Dawn Daryl L

    I rarely post reviews but AC Solution deserves one. I have been using it for a month already. I really like the fact that it is made with natural products. I like its fragrance also. It helps in bringing out the radiance of my skin. My skin felt soft and moisturised ever since then.

  3. Reina W.

    I told myself I’ll come back and write reviews after using this Atomy AC Solution for a month and here I am. I actually have the whole set of this but this is my most favorite. I love how it smoothes and soothes my skin. The calming effect it gives really helps my sensitive skin. It works like magic for those who have sensitive skins like me.

  4. Penny Cooper

    The only issue I have with this Atomy AC Solution is that it runs out really fast. So I am so glad that they are selling it as an individual and not with the whole set but then we all have preference. I don’t want to buy the whole set again not unless everything runs out. I am using the set for almost a month now. Can’t say any negative about it. So here’s my review, I have very sensitive but the products never once caused any irritation or itchiness. I have used this for 4 months already and I love their effects on my face. My blemishes are gone, my skin is so soft and the fine lines are no longer visible. My skin doesn’t look dull and I don’t even have to put heavy makeup when going out. I am very much confident with my face now ever since I started using Atomybenefits products.

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