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  1. Tianna Davila

    Atomy never failed to satisfy me! This amazing Atomy Body Care Body Lotion became my all-day moisturizer for my skin to protect it from dryness and dullness. I would love to give this a 5-star review!

  2. Mary

    This is a wonderful product. It’s a truly weightless moisturizer I can apply any time of day to quench any thirstiness I sense on my skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for deeply dry areas, as this is more of a lighter overall body moisturizing product.

    I apply right after drying myself from a shower.

    The fragrance, which is my favorite of any lotion I own (which is a lot) is perfect for spring and summer, and also the fall and winter because it reminds me of spring and summer. There’s an allure to it. My partner loves it when I wear this.

  3. Cassie Lopez

    I can’t live without a body lotion. When I first tried Atomy Body Care Body Lotion, I was mesmerized by how soothing it is to my skin. I fell in love with it! I even convinced my sister to start using it and showed her the reviews and the effect on me. Now we purchase together by twos!

  4. Sofia Rowles

    This Body Lotion is one of the best things I bought from Atomy. It solved my dry skin problems. It brightened my skin too. I was really shocked because I only bought it for moisturizing purposes especially during winter. I came back here to give my reviews and I am so satisfied with the results plus its components are all-natural. Worth choosing.

  5. Cesar M.

    This Atomy Body Lotion solved my skin problems so I want to share my reviews to help future buyers. I’ve been dealing with dry and cracked skin for over a year now due to some medication I’ve been taking. In just 3 weeks, I can see visible changes. Less cracking and no more dryness. Highly recommended since it is organic too!

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