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7 reviews for Buy Atomy Cerabebe Shampoo & Body Wash *1EA

  1. Sylvia Sampson

    My baby and I love the Atomy Cerabebe Shampoo & Body Wash set from we bought online in Atomy Vancouver. It is all-natural and hypoallergenic which is good for my baby’s delicate skin! Thank you also Atomy for delivering my orders FREE!

  2. Veronica Neilsen

    I never tested or used baby products that has natural inorganic UV ray blocking agents but this one. Atomy Cerabebe is the best baby product we have used in my entire life as a mom of three.

  3. Brittney Nava

    As a mom who only wanted the best and safe for her baby, I highly recommend this Atomy Cerabebe Shampoo & Body Wash. It is very gentle to the skin. It cleans my baby’s delicate skin leaving it moisturized and silky smooth. You can see positive and good reviews online about this Atomy product.

  4. Remy Dantes

    I love this Atomy Cerabebe Shampoo & Body Wash, I use this on my kids, its very nice since they play all day and become sweaty. The gentle fragrant smell stays even after a long play time. Its really good that this product is hypo-allegenic it doesn’t irritate my kids skin and even keeps it moisturized.

  5. Aurora Blooms

    I am a very meticulous mom especially for my one and only child. I thought I could add mine here to the list of the reviews and help other moms. Atomy Cerabebe Shampoo & Body Wash really passed my standards. It’s fragrant but at the same time very gentle to my baby’s skin which I’m really grateful for.

  6. Clarissa Pemberton

    Months ago I was using a branded shampoo and body wash for my son. It made his skin dry and prone to irritation. I asked my fellow moms at work for advice and they told me to try this Atomy Cerabebe Shampoo & Body Wash so I looked it up online and read reviews. I ended up buying 2 bottles. It’s amazing how soft it makes my son’s skin, it moisturizes it really well.

  7. Gemma Herring

    Atomy Cerabebe Shampoo and Body Wash solved my 5-year old son’s issue with body wash sensitivity. No matter how expensive the brands I’ve used on him, he keeps getting red bumps and itchy red patches. I’ve tried several products for sensitive skin but none of them worked. This product from Atomy is a savior! Thankful I believed that review I saw.

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