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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Eco Zipper bag (L)

  1. Cadence Nieves

    I love sharing positive reviews and I always support Atomy because they are always producing eco-friendly products! Like this Atomy Eco Zipper bag. It is very convenient to use!

  2. E. Terry

    Here’s my contribution to the reviews. Switch to eco-friendly zipper bags and this Atomy Eco Zipper bag is the absolute choice. You won’t be worried anymore that your raw meats or uncooked foods will get contaminated or will absorb chemicals from zipper bags. It’s a win-win you took care of the environment and you made yourself and your family safe from harmful chemicals.

  3. Estelle Wills

    I switched to this Eco Zipper Bag for my food storage because it’s organic and I am sure there’s no chemical that’s harmful in it so I’m writing my reviews now. Plastics are harmful to us because if we use them as food storage, the chemicals in the plastic could transfer to the food which is dangerous. Atomy products are known for their organic and all-natural products so I’m very confident in buying everything from them.

  4. Jensen M. S.

    Here goes my review of this amazing product from Atomy. I’ve been using this Atomy Eco Zipper Bag to store different kinds of raw meat, veggies, and other food. After I switched to this product, I’ve become more comfortable using it because knowing it’s organic, I won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals contaminating the food I am storing.

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