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8 reviews for Buy Atomy Fabric Softener

  1. Dionne Hancock

    This Atomy product is made with natural and best ingredients that do not cause any skin irritations when the clothes are worn! It has a very nice smell! Plus it is GMO-free! Atomy Fabric Softener was recommended by lots of moms posting reviews online!

  2. Olive Ayers

    If you’re reading the reviews here right now, go add this Atomy Fabric Softener to your cart and the detergent too! They’re a perfect combination. I’ve experienced how the two works like magic. Removes stains really great, not harsh to our clothes’ fabrics. You’ll love how soft and great the smell is.

  3. V. Moore

    Pair this Fabric Softener with their liquid detergent and you will surely be satisfied with how clean your clothes are. The softener makes my clothes really soft that I don’t even have to iron them. It smells so good. I encourage you to give it a try and drop your reviews in here.

  4. Trinity Hamilton

    After buying the detergent from Atomybenefits, I immediately had to buy online this Atomy Fabric Softener. The two are a perfect pair. They work wonders that could make your life easier. This softener is really great and made me able to spend my weekends with longer hours. I need not iron most of my clothes because of how soft and less crumpled they are. It smells great and it’s not itchy to the skin. Just a few drops of it and it can make your whole load of laundry smell aromatic and fresh with all the natural ingredients from different kinds of flowers. The smell lasts over a day. Even if the clothes are already in the hamper, you can smell the clothes still fresh even if it’s been soaked in sweat or there are stains. One time when there was a family gathering at our home before this pandemic occurred, we were playing family games and family sports, I and my entire family were all sweaty but still managed to smell great under the sun. My relatives then started asking what brand of cologne we were using and I told them all about the product I bought from Atomybenefits. They ended up ordering for themselves.

  5. Queenie Anne

    I am a working mom who likes to wear soft and fragrant office clothes. I want to be presentable to my workmates no matter if I’m in the office or outside doing fieldwork. Choosing the best fabric softener is the solution. I saw Atomy fabric softener online for the first time. I wonder how this product is so I ordered some. The delivery was fast. I used it right away for my laundry. I can smell the fragrance right away and I liked it. The clothes went dry and the fragrance is still there. I know some products whose fragrance is not long-lasting. I can also feel the softness of the clothes. Even without ironing them, I feel like I can just wear them right away! I am glad the Atomy fabric softener works perfectly fine. The softness and fragrance of the clothes really last long so I won’t worry anymore. It is now my favorite fabric softener!

  6. Patricia S.

    Mostly with fabric softeners, they’re more into the fragrance but not with the purpose of making the clothes smooth, soft, and crumple-free. With this Atomy Fabric Softener, it does everything plus the factor that it is made from all organic materials and ingredients, it’s beneficial for my skin and for my family’s skin. Its aromatic smell and flowery fragrance last longer than any other commercial brands making it great for sunny weather when sweating too much is very common. I’ve been using this for over a year now and ever since I decide to buy online 2 bottles, it didn’t stop from there. I have ordered 4-5 times already if I am not mistaken. I even give a bottle to my mother-in-law every time I order this product. She’s very satisfied with the effect of the product on their clothes and she loves the smell too. The softener doesn’t irritate the skin too even if my 7-year old son, who has very sensitive skin didn’t have a bad reaction to the product. All because of the organic ingredients that it’s made of. I didn’t have to iron the clothes of my kids because the softener itself made the clothes very soft to touch that I cannot see any crumples on them.

  7. Wenceslao Boyle

    In my entire life, I never used fabric softener because one time my mom used one, I started feeling itchiness on my skin. A colleague of mine told me that her cousin has the same condition as mine so she referred me to this site. I made a purchase online of one bottle. Finally decided to give it another try and I prepared myself for the worse that could happen. Now, the bottle’s almost empty, and never once I experienced itchiness. This is why I love this Atomy Fabric Softener because it’s made from organic ingredients. The fragrance is not too strong and not too mild at all. The fragrance lasts longer than I thought it would. No matter how much I sweat, my clothes won’t smell bad because of the softener. I don’t even need to iron it because it’s already crumple-free. I highly recommend this product from Atomy!

  8. Harlene M.

    This Atomy Fabric Softener is the best softener I have ever used so far. What made me decide to purchase online 2 bottles of this is because of its all-natural components. My kids have very sensitive skin so I prefer organic products. I have been using other products from Atomy too and I have never used any other brands aside from Atomy. I love how it saves me time from ironing our clothes since it makes the clothes softer and less crumple. I love its flowery smell and how it’s not too strong. I have been using this product for over a year now and for sure will be using this for a long time. This is the only product I am so satisfied with for the last year that I have been using it. Definitely worth a 5-star rating!

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