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  1. Elina Person

    Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner makes my hair very soft and bouncy! I love how this Atomy product is herbal because my hair is very sensitive and dry. Before buying this I searched online for feedback and review about this. And it is worth it.

  2. Winona Sands

    Suffered from severe dandruff problems and scalp dryness for almost my entire life. Tried many products but no hope. My aunt told me to look up Atomy Hair Conditioner and immediately went to read reviews. It worked like wonders!

  3. Celestine I.

    I am very particular when choosing hair products. My scalp gets really itchy if the products I used doesn’t suit it. I opt for organic hair products to avoid damaging my scalp more and this Atomy Hair Conditioner is a good choice for me. I use it together with the shampoo from Atomy. I love how it nourished my scalp. It’s not dry anymore and no dandruff.

  4. W. Dillan

    I stopped using conditioner for a long time since I couldn’t see any good results on my hair. It became even more frizzy and dry. When I bought this Atomy Hair Conditioner online, I was in awe of how it actually worked on my hair so here’s my review. Less frizzy and dry. It’s only been 2 weeks but I can see visible effects already.

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