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  1. Safia Gardner

    Another exclusive kit of Atomy that I love so much! I love using Atomy Hand Therapy every day! It has 4 variations to choose from on a daily basis that provides intensive care to your hands making it so soft and moisturized. I do not have any reason not to give this a good review!

  2. Sharon Jensen

    This deserves more reviews for real! I bought 2 of these at first and I couldn’t even think of replacing this Atomy Hand Therapy with a different brand. The fact that it’s on sale, I literally just checked out 2 sets of orders. The scents are so satisfying, it doesn’t feel sticky which really makes it a great item!

  3. A. Vladimir

    I have all 4 of these Hand Therapy and all of them smell so good but it doesn’t stop there though. They’re good moisturizers. My hands are so soft after using these for months now. I apply it whenever I want to, there’s no specific schedule. I bring it with me all day since it fits perfectly in my purse. If you’re still in doubt, look up for reviews online.

  4. Perry M.

    I am loving Atomy Hand Therapy that’s why I am giving this a 5-star review. It comes in very handy for me, especially during cold weather. It always keeps my hands soft and moisturized leaving a good fragrance. It is not sticky unlike some hand moisturizers out there. I will surely buy it again soon!

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