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5 reviews for Buy Atomy Herbday(Panty liner)

  1. Arty

    I love how it makes you feel fresh down there And I don’t need to worry because it has natural herbal ingredients that will my skin.

  2. Michalina Guest

    This Atomy Herbday Panty Liner gives me all day freshness without feeling uncomfortable! I love how Atomy made this natural product! It does not cause any skin irritations like other harsh products! Will definitely buy again and leave this positive review here.

  3. Arianne Lewis

    The comfort that this Atomy Herbday panty liner gives is incomparable with the other brands. I bought a box to share with my 2 sisters. It’s just so amazing that a liner can give you a fresh and cooling feeling. Lots of reviews online. Look it up and order yours. You won’t regret it.

  4. Barbara C.

    This is my daily liner. I never go out without this. It makes me feel comfortable knowing I’m using it. It gives a fresh feeling all day, it’s not noticeable whenever I wear something fit. I love how it smells so good. When I first bought this Herbaday (Panty Liner), I thought it would be just like the others but it’s actually very different aside from it being organic and doesn’t harm the environment when thrown in the trash.

  5. Micah Wagner

    I am impressed with the good reviews of Atomy Herbday(Panty liner) so I purchased some. What I really like about it is that it is made of natural plants. It is wise to choose such products to avoid harmful chemicals. Plus, I also like the fact that it has wings so it just perfectly stay where it is no matter what I do. I love it!

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