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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Hydra Brightening Cream

  1. Lylah Kelley

    Atomy Hydra Brightening Cream is always making sure that my skin is well hydrated. This Atomy product never disappoints me ever since I start using it.

  2. Crissa

    I did not regret purchasing this Atomy Hydra Brightening Cream. My skin has never been this radiant and fresh. It prevents my skin from dryness also reduces fine lines. It is not a waste of time sharing my reviews for this product because it is really worth it!

  3. Willow Terrence

    I hate greasy and very sticky creams so I am so satisfied with this Atomy Hydra Brightening Cream. I couldn’t wait to write my reviews about this product. I bought this out of curiosity because I was really looking for a cream I can use for the long term and most of what I tried was too thick, doesn’t absorb by the skin that much. I noticed my skin brightened also.

  4. Chanel G.

    Hydrating and brightening cream in one cute aesthetic container. I fell in love with its packaging at first. Its bluish color is so refreshing in the eyes. When I bought this Atomy Hydra Brightening Cream, I also bought the other 2 Atomy Hydra Brightening products. This is the only face product that I use for 2 months now. I didn’t even have to apply a lot of products because, with these 3, I am already very satisfied with the results. I am only aiming for hydrating and brightening my skin so I am contented already. My cheeks feel so soft, not dry and I am glowing. This is a must-have for women like me who are undergoing skin troubles.

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