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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Peach)*1EA

  1. Chaya Horner

    This Atomy Lipstick, along with other Atomy cosmetics was given to me by mom because I really have sensitive skin. Good thing I was able to try it and found out it is not hypoallergenic and it is totally safe! I love the color too! This is so good that I have to write a review about it.

  2. Dinah

    Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Peach) is a favorite of mine among Atomy’s lipstick collection. Since I appreciate the product a lot, I am giving my positive reviews now. I like lipsticks that have vibrant colors and proper moisture. I love how the lipstick stays on my lips without the feeling of dryness. I highly recommend it!

  3. P. Stomp

    Saw my mom wearing this Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Peach) to a wedding and I love it so much. Not an ordinary shade you can see every day. She told me to order 1 for her and 1 for me. Been using this lipstick for quite some time now and this is my 3rd purchase already so I figured I’d leave my reviews. It blends well. Doesn’t flake too.

  4. Kylie V

    This is my third purchase on this website. I am fascinated with their lipsticks so I am adding this Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Peach) to my lipstick collection. I really like how Atomy lipstick felt on my lips. It has rich moisture that does not dry my lips no matter how many times I apply. It also does not feel heavy to wear. I feel comfortable and confident when wearing lipstick. It did not have any side effects on me.

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