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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Red)*1EA

  1. Amy-Louise Haines

    I like how fierce this Atomy lipstick looks! Atomy made this hypoallergenic and to provide moisture while you’re wearing it. I simply love this and will definitely give this an amazing review.

  2. Shahani Ric

    Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Red) has a gorgeous color that any woman will want. It is perfect for occasions. This is my personal favorite. Since I have fair skin, red looks better on me. My best reviews for this best lipstick!

  3. Bliss N.

    I feel so confident facing people whenever I’m wearing this Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Red) because red is my favorite color and radiates confidence for me. It speards so evenly when applied and doesn’t get erased even when drinking water. It doesn’t leave a mark in the glass. What the reviews are saying is what you’ll be getting.

  4. Samantha Davis

    I am giving Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Red) 5 stars as I was impressed with my first use. I have already tried Atomy Benefits health products so I was confident that their beauty products will also be impressive. I did not really bring my expectation down because I am really happy with the lipstick. Its glossy and smooth finish is perfect! I liked how my lips looked after applying it. I will definitely purchase other colors next time.

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