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8 reviews for Buy Atomy Puer Tea

  1. Syed Mccord

    For a tea lover like me, I am satisfied with how I can shop online the Atomy Pu’er Tea in Atomy Edmonton. Very convenient.

  2. Haleemah Mccormack

    I bought Atomy Puer Tea online. I gave it to my grandma and ever since she is loving Atomy and posting reviews about her experience and health improvement in the internet.

  3. Zach H.

    My mom has a thing for Pu’er tea so I bought this Atomy Pu’er Tea. She drinks it every morning and before bedtime. She just loves it. I’ve seen reviews about Pu’er tea and its health benefits which are really good for the body.

  4. Elize Jasper

    This Atomy Puer Tea is my daily dose of hot beverage. I love how it’s beneficial to my tummy because of the probiotic enzymes that it has. It even controls my blood sugar since I am prone to having diabetes if I neglect my health. Another good thing about this tea is it can contribute to weight loss due to its antioxidants content. I like this better than green tea. The taste is very refreshing. I feel a lot healthier ever since I started drinking this. I feel lighter and more energized. I’ve read also that Puer tea is a good agent in break down fats that can really help us lose weight. When I did purchase online, I wasn’t quite sure how much I would buy so I only bought a stock good for a month. Another interesting thing about this tea is it’s not your typical tea that comes in a teabag, it’s in a sachet. So you’ll have to mix it in hot water and stir it well. It’s something new so it’s enjoyable to prepare. The authentic taste of Puer tea from China hits really different than any other tea manufactured locally. If you’re into teas, you will definitely enjoy having this one. I personally prefer drinking this kind of tea compared to chamomile, honey lemon, and any other. I tried looking up for the benefits of this Puer tea and it can even control our cholesterol which is very great so we can avoid diseases that is really harmful to us.

  5. Hannah R.

    I am a tea lover. Whenever I see a tea product that is something new to me, I am so eager to try it! And when I found Atomy Puer Tea, I had no hesitations to buy some for me to give it a try. I have seen good reviews for Atomy products so I was excited to try their Puer Tea! Atomy Puer tea is one of the best teas I’ve ever had. I noticed good effects after 2 weeks of consumption. It aides in proper digestion and cleansing. Before, I do not poop regularly. But now, it is almost every day. I feel so clean inside. I can also see that it helps me get a good night’s sleep especially when I take it before going to bed. It also helps me relax after a stressful day at work. I can say that it is indeed a perfect addition to my diet. Atomy Puer Tea is a good buy. I am going to purchase more since I am still going to continue taking it for the days to come. This product deserves my 5-star review!

  6. Cherry Willis

    Atomy Puer Tea is worth my review! I was looking for the best tea I can drink while losing weight. I have started my weight loss journey for a week already when I heard about Atomy Puer Tea. I checked this online and I was persuaded to order. After a week of taking it, I was impressed already. I learned that there were amazing healthy benefits I can get from taking this tea. It greatly improved my digestion. It also helped me in losing weight as it reduces cholesterol! I feel good and I love to continue feeling good with the help of Atomy Puer tea. I wanted to share this review with anyone who is trying to lose weight. This tea is a perfect partner for your weight loss.

  7. Gian Carlo

    I know this is not worth telling, but I am someone who suffers from constipation. Whenever I eat foods that are hard to digest, I expect to get constipated. I do not release bowels regularly. A friend told me that I could try drinking tea and that to have a look at this product. I am really not a fan of tea but I thought I can give it a try. I told myself I will surely give my review for this product if it will help me with my problem. And here I am, giving this product a 5-star review. It’s been more than a week already that I started using this product. I notice a remarkable change in my digestion. I am not that constipated anymore no matter what I eat. I felt some good changes in my sleep, too. In short, I am happy with Atomy Puer Tea. It was a wise decision for me to invest in something healthy and beneficial. I am here to buy more since I already have a few left.

  8. Jerry Y.

    I am giving Atomy Puer Tea 5 stars! It is worth my review because this product is so useful for me. I am practicing healthy living for almost a year already. I have never thought that tea will be part of my healthy diet. Someone gave this product to me as a gift without knowing that I am not used to drinking tea. At first, I was doubtful to try it. I tried searching about the Atomy Puer tea online because of my curiosity. I was glad that this product has a number of benefits that are good for our health. Because of that, I then started taking it. And believe me, it is really good! I take the tea every morning and before sleeping. I thank that someone for introducing me to Atomy Puer Tea. I am now a regular tea drinker!

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