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9 reviews for Buy Atomy Sandwich Laver

  1. ARBY

    Great idea in having different flavors in 1 box. Sandwich Laver is addicting if you’re into sandwiches.

  2. Manisha Senior

    This became my favorite product of Atomy after reading reviews online and trying it myself! Atomy Sandwich Laver is a to-go snack that everybody will love! It has 4 variations inside to choose from!

  3. Nikki Lo

    I’ve only tried salted laver so I was curious about how Atomy Sandwich Laver tastes especially it has different flavors. I was shocked that they actually tasted so good. I could finish all 4 flavors in a day. Just checked out more orders today and I am so excited. Probably will add reviews again soon.

  4. Leslie Young

    Tasted every flavor of this Sandwich Laver so I came back to post my reviews. I bought plenty of this because it’s my snack or if I want to eat something, I open like 2 packs of it. It’s all-natural made it a lot healthier so even if I am on a diet, I can it as many of this as I want. My most favorite is the pumpkin seeds flavor. It’s so yummy.

  5. Joyce Kim

    As a Korean in a foreign country, I had difficulties finding the right brand to buy when it comes to my favorite laver snacks. I tried searching for bigger online stores that might suffice my cravings but no hope. a fellow Korean colleague of mine told me about this site and recommended their Atomy Sandwich Laver. I looked up the site and I read every detail about their sandwich laver. Surprised that it’s all-natural which is really a good thing and I prefer that kind of laver. I don’t like those other brands that have a lot of MSGs and unnecessary preservatives. It’s actually cool that in a box there are different flavors. I love their Almond Slice. I usually eat the original laver but this one is worth trying. It has become my go-to snack whenever I want to eat or just when I am bored. I just made a purchase online because I only bought 2 boxes the first time and now I just checked out 10 boxes. Don’t judge me, I just want to keep them in my kitchen cabinet so I can have something to eat when I am hungry and I do not want to run out of stocks. I bring some of them to work too and share some with my colleagues. Laver has never been this good.

  6. Jesse Lau

    My love for this sandwich laver is unexplainable. Laver with a twist is what I thought about it the first I made a purchase online of it. It comes with different flavors which will definitely not bore you out. I eat the flavors alternately and store the opened ones in a lock and lock container with labels on it so I won’t get it mixed up. I have been ordering this Atomy Sandwich Laver for over 6 months already. It’s my go-to snack whenever I feel hungry at school and at work or even just when I am at home chilling. The last time I ordered, I bought 2 boxes only because there is a limit per order but I had my sister order another 2 boxes making my stock at home 4 boxes which only lasted for 2 months. I just checked out another 2 boxes and my sister as well. I can say that I cannot literally live with this. I crave this every day so it’s already a part of my everyday life. The flavors are awesome, I love all of them. They’re not the typical flavors you can see for a laver. If you’re looking for another way to enjoy laver, this is definitely the best option and I guarantee that! You won’t get fed up eating this. Every bite is enjoyable.

  7. L. K. Stephens

    Atomy Sandwich Laver is one of the best snacks that I have been eating for the past 6 months. I am always a fan of laver and I even made a lot of recipes with laver as an ingredient. This sandwich laver is simply amazing. My favorite is the Purple Rice Slice. I love how it complements the taste of the laver and makes it even more flavorful which is very enjoyable to eat. I only bought 2 boxes of these the first I made a purchase online. It’s sad that they only allow 2 boxes per order. I really want to order more since I consume mine really fast. I eat it during my break at work and even I am just at my place. It’s healthy to eat, I don’t need to worry about too many preservatives and other harmful ingredients because it is natural and organic. Just make sure to store an opened pack of it to avoid losing its crispiness. I store mine in a vacuumed container so it’s pretty safe.

  8. Kang H.

    I have been ordering this Atomy Sandwich Laver for quite some time now and I just can’t get enough of it. I can consume a whole box in just a day if I have to. I love how it comes in different flavors. It’s healthy and eat it as a snack so I won’t have to crave something unhealthy. I’m into laver ever since. It’s a part of my childhood growing up in a Korean household. I’ve always wanted to make my own different snack out of laver but I couldn’t think of any. Very grateful to Atomy for bringing this kind of food into the market. My whole family is eating it too. We’ve been ordering bulk so we can stock it at home. Even my little cousins love this sandwich laver. I guarantee you’ll love this sandwich laver just like I do. Authentic ingredients and all-natural flavors will convince you to buy more of this. I just made a bulk order using my membership and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  9. Hillary Ho

    I switched to this flavorful laver from my regular laver snack since I got so fed up eating the same flavor all the time. I am so glad my mother told me about this Atomy Sandwich Laver. After hearing that Atomy is selling them, I didn’t doubt and made a purchase online immediately. I am so glad I ordered. I love the taste especially the pumpkin seeds. I can eat different flavors from time to time so I won’t get fed up with it. I bring some at work too and sometimes I eat it when I am at home watching movies. I love that they used authentic ingredients for this because it made it more flavorful and tasty. I just can’t get enough! My siblings started eating them too so I had to stock up a lot to avoid running out of it. Hoping they would make new flavors too. Kudos to Atomy!

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