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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Sandwich Laver

  1. ARBY

    Great idea in having different flavors in 1 box. Sandwich Laver is addicting if you’re into sandwiches.

  2. Manisha Senior

    This became my favorite product of Atomy after reading reviews online and trying it myself! Atomy Sandwich Laver is a to-go snack that everybody will love! It has 4 variations inside to choose from!

  3. Nikki Lo

    I’ve only tried salted laver so I was curious about how Atomy Sandwich Laver tastes especially it has different flavors. I was shocked that they actually tasted so good. I could finish all 4 flavors in a day. Just checked out more orders today and I am so excited. Probably will add reviews again soon.

  4. Leslie Young

    Tasted every flavor of this Sandwich Laver so I came back to post my reviews. I bought plenty of this because it’s my snack or if I want to eat something, I open like 2 packs of it. It’s all-natural made it a lot healthier so even if I am on a diet, I can it as many of this as I want. My most favorite is the pumpkin seeds flavor. It’s so yummy.

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