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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Stainless Scrubbers

  1. Renesmee Stott

    I love how they made this Atomy Stainless Scrubbers with high-grade stainless steel! A quality product from Atomy that has many great reviews!

  2. Katrina D.

    I bought these Atomy Stainless Scrubbers together with the scrubber and the dishwashing soap after reading reviews I found in a blog. The trio is a life savior. Durable, made with real high-grade stainless steel so it doesn’t create rust. It’s worth every penny and worth the wait

  3. N. Brokers

    Bought these Stainless Scrubbers with the foam scrubber and latex gloves, I’ve written my reviews for the other two so here’s for this one. I thought it wouldn’t last a bit long but it did. It’s not like those other brands that would rust. It really could easily remove hard stains in the pan or casserole.

  4. S. Payne

    If you’re going for durable scrubbers, go for these Atomy Stainless Scrubbers. I bought those cheap ones from the dollar store but they got rust and worn out after only less than 10 uses. Sometimes I even get my hands wounded because some of the thin steels poke my hands while washing. One thing I really like about these stainless steel scrubbers is that it doesn’t get tangled no matter how many times I have used it. It doesn’t rust which proves it’s really stainless steel. It cleanses the casseroles and pans really well. I love to cook so I frequently use scrubbers for my cooking wares. When I purchase online 2 packs of these, but I just checked out another 4 packs so keep them in my kitchen so I won’t have to order frequently. I have other products too from Atomybenefits but I am into cooking, I love products from them that can clean my wares and make my cooking efficient like this scrubber.

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