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36 reviews for Buy Atomy Toothbrush

  1. Willow Stevens

    I bought this Atomy Toothbrush because we already ran out of supply! I am really happy I discovered this Atomy product because it has soft very bristles that do not cause pain to my child’s gums! it gently cleans my child’s teeth! I would love to give this a good review!

  2. Tyla Keller

    The colors are fun. Love it!

  3. Juliet Bowman

    My kid’s love this Atomy Toothbrush

  4. Mattie Olson

    Excellent price with quality.

  5. Aleena Choi

    Satisfied with the product quality.

  6. Corey Stevenson

    Very soft and flexible.

  7. Renesmee Lynch

    Thank you Atomy Toothbrush. It’s a quality product.

  8. Vinay Burn

    Softness with 0.18mm thickness and 0.033mm slim! I’m impressed!

  9. Ella-Grace Parkinson

    Attractive and colorful toothbrushes.

  10. Lily Baldwin

    I’m a mother of two kids and I’m happy to give my kids the Atomy toothbrush because of their softness. My kids love the color most.

  11. Sherri Sparks

    Atomy Toothbrush is exactly as described. High recommended!

  12. Cassian Park

    Such a good deal with value.

  13. Xanthe Kay

    My dentist suggested me to change the toothbrush and then I order Atomy Toothbrush. And now my oral issue is gone. 10 out of 10 for the quality.

  14. Emilio Mcmahon

    I want to suggest Atomy to all the parents because it’s good for the kids. And the colourful Toothbrush also help kids to brush their teeth regularly.

  15. Nieve Clark

    The thickness of 0.18mm and 0.03mm slim size gives Toothbrush a better grip!

  16. Safwan Roche

    The mouth is not become dry after brushing the teeth.

  17. Beatriz Vega

    Great value for the money!

  18. Tamera Tyler

    High-quality toothbrushes.

  19. Rebekka Holland

    Super slim and too comfortable to use.

  20. Francisco Wills

    Comfortable handgrip, easy to handle, colorful design, brush are so soft. Atomy toothbrush is the best product so far I used!

  21. Asa Hutchings

    Better value of money than the local stores. My first choice.

  22. Zander Brennan

    Good product. Thank you.

  23. Komal Pierce

    Every time gives a deep refreshing!

  24. Elijah Joyce

    Good for adults and kids. Also can using on tour or traveling!

  25. Etta Benton

    The Atomy brushes are nice and soft with thickness and have a good slim grip. The firm enough to clean teeth and The colors are fun. Love it!

  26. Brenna Gibbons

    Atomy Toothbrush is recommended to all. Good value for the deal!

  27. Shakeel James

    I think the softness and flexibility take the Atomy brush to the next level.

  28. Haydn Francis

    Quality product! Highly recommended to all.

  29. Lily-May Weston

    Round slim head gives a deep clean!.

  30. Nikita Bailey

    I’ve always been an Atomy user that’s why when I saw the reviews about their Atomy Toothbrush, I didn’t think twice about buying it. Bought two packs because had to share them with my family and give some to my relatives. Will post their reviews soon!

  31. Benilde Coss

    This is my 2nd time purchasing this Atomy Toothbrush. My family loves using it. It doesn’t hurt the gums, doesn’t make it bleed. It’s handy and doesn’t consume a lot of space in my bag. I am very pro-environment so it’s so great to know that they make their products organically.

  32. Susie Pebble

    I’ve been switching toothbrush to toothbrush for 1 year now. Even the softest bristles of toothbrush I could find in the stores is really too much for my gums. I even bought cheap and expensive ones but doesn’t help at all. I started looking for options online and so far this Atomy Toothbrush is all I got. I got convinced into making a purchase online because I read that it is organic. Somehow it made me curious what difference it would make compared to those brushes I had. I bought 2 just in case. Been using one for 2 weeks and so far I’m liking how it’s so gentle to my gums. My gums are healthy by the way and I have a regular dentist appointment. It’s just that my gums are very sensitive to a little pressure. My gums haven’t bleed ever since I started using this toothbrush. It really cleanses my teeth well, my tongue, my molars, and even my hard and soft palate. It’s organic so I can throw the toothbrushes without harming the environment. I just bought another box to stuck up so I can change my toothbrush every month. So grateful to have finally found this product online.

  33. Tina Fischer

    I am very picky when it comes to the kind of toothbrush I use. I have this tendency to be very meticulous when it comes to my personal things especially if it’s going to be used for my personal hygiene. One of the reasons why I chose this Atomy Toothbrush is that it’s organic. Its bristles are very gentle to my teeth especially my gums. Before I decide to buy online a box of this, I made sure to read online about it and how it’s been made. I was amazed that t’s made of organic materials and ingredients making it very safe to dispose of. It has an antibacterial membrane that helps protect the toothbrush from germs when unused. It even keeps my teeth away from those harmful bacterias that can cause damage to my teeth. It avoids the build-up of plaque and thoroughly removes stuck food particles in between teeth.

  34. Amelia Stacks

    My twins have been complaining about their toothbrushes even if they’re the softest bristles I can find at the mall. They told me it’s too hard for their teeth. Since I’ve been a member of Atomy for quite some time now, I decided to scroll through the products and made an online purchase of this Atomy toothbrush. Surprisingly, my kids are satisfied. They love how it removes stuck food particles in their teeth making it not necessary to floss anymore. Their dentist is even amazed at how few plaques on their teeth during their last dental appointment. For those moms out there I encourage you to buy these. They’re organic and won’t make your kids’ teeth bleed. My husband even uses it too. He asked me to order more so we can change our toothbrush regularly and avoid using worn-out brushes that could develop bacteria.

  35. Gerald E.

    This is the only toothbrush that I’ll be using for years to come. I am so amazed at how soft the bristles are. Even if my gums are healthy, when I use a different toothbrush, it bleeds. I consulted my dentist a few times already about this but no matter how many times I changed my toothpaste and toothbrush, I still have the same problem. I decided to find another option on my own and read about this Atomy Toothbrush. I tried to buy online a box only since it has 8 toothbrushes in a box. So far I’m liking this toothbrush. Very gentle and doesn’t make my gums bleed. I’ve read its label and was amazed that it has an antimicrobial agent that keeps the toothbrush from having bacteria that could transmit diseases when I use it. Very safe to use and it’s environment-friendly too due to its natural components.

  36. Howard K.

    This is the type of toothbrush that I have been looking for for years now. Organic, really soft bristles and has an antimicrobial agent that keeps my toothbrush safe when unused. Atomy Toothbrush solved my gum problems and lessen the plaque build-up on my teeth. When I first knew about this product, I immediately made a purchase online. It was the best decision I have ever made. No matter how many times I’ve changed my toothbrush, it makes my gums bleed. My gums are perfectly healthy but they are just too sensitive. I have been using this toothbrush for over a year now and I’ve used up all 8pcs. I make sure to change my toothbrush every 2 months since I don’t want to wait until it gets worn out before I decide to change it to a new one. My mom and dad are now using it too that’s why I just checked out 2 boxes for the whole family. My mom’s into organic products so she loves Atomy a lot.

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