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16 reviews for Buy Atomy Toothpaste

  1. Amirah Herman

    After using this Atomy product. It became one of my home essentials. It is the best toothpaste I tried because it removed my bad breath while removing the plaque as well. Also, it uses natural ingredients. I got mine from Atomy Toronto.

  2. Tiffany Andrew

    This was recommended by my friend who is an Atomy member. Gladly I tried this Atomy Propolis Toothpaste after reading good reviews online! I don’t have to go to the dentist every now and then.

  3. Maria Jardynne Genil

    This was recommended by my friend who is an Atomy member. Gladly I tried this Atomy Propolis Toothpaste after reading good reviews online! I don’t have to go to the dentist every now and then.

  4. Harry Gallo

    Atomy Toothpaste is a great value for your money, its a very nice product you’ll always have a fresh breath and no stinky smell left on your mouth everytime you use this. Thanks to Atomy for having this on their products!!

  5. Ashley Fox

    My mother purchased toothpaste from Atomy Benefits and get tremendous results. I will recommend it to all.

  6. Alonso Bickford

    All products are incredible. It becomes my regular place to visit for my essentials. Thanks Atomy Benefits.

  7. Alan Newbold

    Atomy Toothpaste is the right product for several oral health issues as I am using it from a long time and never complained. Thank you, and I will recommend it to everyone I know.

  8. George Garcia

    Highly Recommended. This is a great product. I will buy it Again.

  9. Hani Kabbara

    The tooth paste taste is good. Thanks For Amazing Tooth Paste!

  10. Jules T.

    Due to my sensitive teeth, I’ve been switching to different brands of toothpaste. I looked for products online and saw Atomy Toothpaste and its reviews then I decided to give it a try. Been using the product for a few months now and I must say that I’m actually satisfied with the effects.

  11. Michael S.

    I am happy to review Atomy toothpaste since I was using this toothpaste, I feel confident about my dental health. I hate it when toothpaste does not serve its purpose that even after long use, you do not see any difference or results. I was right about choosing Atomy toothpaste! I never had regrets about it. Atomy toothpaste is way better than the previous toothpaste I was using.

    I do not like it when tartars accumulate on my teeth. I have regular visits to my dentist to make sure my teeth are always clean. But when I started using Atomy toothpaste, my dentist noticed that there is a great improvement in the cleanliness of my teeth. I can lessen my visit to my dentist now. Aside from that remarkable change, I was also impressed with the freshness of my breath this toothpaste has brought. Whenever I eat something with a strong smell, it really gets rid of the smell right after toothbrushing. Isn’t that amazing?

    I know it is not a big deal to other people, but for me, I need to share this review because this product is really something worth buying! I will stick to Atomy toothpaste from now on, that’s for sure.

  12. Indy Welsh

    I’ve read from various articles that a lot of toothpaste can be damaging to our teeth if used for a long time. My mom has been talking lately about organic products and even organic vegetables and meat so I figured why not find an organic toothpaste? I looked up online if organic toothpaste is effective and I saw this Atomy Toothpaste, read its reviews and made a purchase online. I wasn’t really digging the idea of it being all-natural and organic because I grew up thinking that those old toothpaste brands I’ve been using are really good for my teeth. Before I started using it, I went to my dentist for a cleaning appointment and had the chance to ask about the product. She read everything, the details in the label and gave me a go signal to use it. It’s been 3 weeks and so far, I can’t see any bad effects. I thought knowing it’s organic, the taste will have this herbal medicine-like aftertaste but surprisingly, there’s none. It tastes like other toothpaste but more refreshing in the mouth. I applaud the people who made this product because it’s safe for our teeth and is not harmful if used for a long period of time. This is now the only toothpaste that our entire family is using. We shifted to all organic products and all of them are from Atomybenefits. I suggest you buy the bigger tubes so it won’t run out that fast. The smaller tubes are good for traveling since it’s small, very handy and can fit to our bags or purses just incase we have an impromptu travel. It’s a must-have. I actually have both tubes stock in our house the bigger one for daily use and the smaller ones are for travel purposes.

  13. Paula Corrs

    In our household, we only use organic products. I always make sure all the products that we’re using are safe for my family, especially for my kids. I’ve been a loyal customer of Atomybenefits for almost 2 years now. From laundry soaps to my cosmetics and even vitamins are all from Atomybenefits. Ever since we switched to this Atomy Toothpaste, our family dentist is pretty amazed at how lesser the tartar build-up. Unlike any other toothpaste that slips from your toothbrush, this one doesn’t. It really dissolves on your mouth while brushing which I love about it. My kids love it too since it’s not too minty and they can use it without hurting their mouths because of the cool, minty sensation. My husband who is very picky when it comes to the products he uses loves using all the products I bought from this site. Every single time I make a purchase I ask my husband if he wants to order something too. One thing I also love about this toothpaste is that even it is organic, it’s full of minerals and essential vitamins that are good for the teeth. I personally searched and picked this product because I know it will have great benefits not just for me but for my entire family as well. Even those other commercial brands can even be harmful to our teeth because of the chemicals they consist. With this toothpaste, it’s organic and it sure to be safe for everyone. You can never go wrong with any organic products.

  14. Nick Green

    This product is absolutely amazing. I just got off from my braces after 4 years and I chose to use this Atomy Toothpaste. I’ve been using this for 3 months now and my dentist is pretty impressed with how it really benefited my teeth. Lesser build-ups which means it really does real good in cleaning my teeth. My dentist said it’s doing a great job plus it is organic which is really safe to use since no chemicals have been added to it. I bought my mom and dad 3 tubes each so they can use them too. They’re in their late 50s so I figured it will be good for them to use organic toothpaste too since, at their age, they’re prone to damaging teeth causing them to lose them one by one. I took the chance of writing a review here after I made a purchase online so I can help people decide whether to buy this item or not. I just checked out 10 tubes since it’s on sale so I didn’t want to waste the chance of being able to purchase some stocks. It’s a great deal. They have smaller tubes too that you can buy which is good for travel, handy, very convenient to carry in our bags or purses, and can be even stored in our glove compartments so in case we have an urgent matter to attend to and we can’t go home for the night, we’ll still be able to use the same product we use at home. For me, who travels from time to time and can’t even get a chance to pack at home, I always bring with me my travel bag in my trunk with my personal hygiene kit.

  15. Stan Oslo

    This Atomy Toothpaste was personally referred by my dentist. I asked her to give me a toothpaste that’s organic and all-natural with no harsh chemicals that could ruin my teeth in the long run. She told me that she’s been using it too for months now so I was convinced and finally had to buy online. It’s been almost 4 weeks since I started using it and so far, I can really see good results. For starters, the taste is really different from other toothpaste. The mint taste is not that strong which I really like because I couldn’t endure too much mint taste it hurts the walls of my mouth and my tongue. It really cleanses my teeth real well. When I had my first visit to my dentist ever since using this toothpaste, she said it’s done a great job. No tartar build-ups. Very effective. Who would’ve thought that an all-natural toothpaste can clean my teeth a lot better than other commercial toothpaste brands? I am never switching to any other brands. I ordered more for myself and for my family so we can all use it together. It’s on sale so why waste a chance to finally get a discounted price for this amazing product.

  16. Kenny G.

    I saved a lot when buying this Atomy Toothpaste by set, 5 tubes of 200g in a set. This also has become my favorite brand since I switched to this brand last month. I liked it ever since and will still continue using this in the months to come. I am not missing my chance to leave a positive review this time!

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