MLM stands for multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing and referral marketing, which is a marketing strategy that sells the products directly and the revenue of a company like Atomy is coming from the people’s sales. Big time profit will hardly come from the member’s referral. The revenue of the company will hardly depend on the capability of its members to recruit more people. More people will allow them to have more income because there is a larger manpower to sell the company’s products and services. Multi-level marketing like Atomy has been very famous around the globe to make large income from doing it, that’s why it is not new when some scam companies are disguising as multi-level marketing. These companies are trying to twist people’s thinking, instead of thinking that a scam company is disguising as multi-level marketing, their mindset became an MLM company is automatically a scam. This misconception is leading people to be afraid of starting a MLM business.

Starting a MLM business like Atomy requires several factors to be considered for you to be successful in the future. If you are looking forward to starting a MLM business, you should first find a competitive product line. It is very popular for network marketing companies like Atomy to use the nutritional and personal care product line because this kind of product line includes lots of daily essentials that people need in their everyday lives. This a great factor to be considered in this marketing strategy because people will buy the products for their everyday consumption. This product line will give you a high chance of getting a huge income.

Another factor to be considered in starting a MLM business is by giving wholesale prices to those who wanted to be a member to sell and recruit other people. Doing so will encourage them to take advantage of the discounted prices that your business offers and giving them the mindset that they can earn more by being a member and join you in growing your MLM business.

Also, starting a MLM business like Atomy should not just benefit you as the owner but also to benefit the other people who joined you in starting a MLM business. The structure of a compensation plan and incentives will motivate other people to join your MLM business. Make sure that the compensation plan that you will be creating is competitive compare to other company’s compensation plan. And lastly, make sure that you will uphold what you promised. People tend to be scared away by a “too-good-to-be-true” compensation plan because other companies are using these just to “attract” others to join them. And the members will end up believing but not getting anything from the said compensation plan.

Aside from giving wholesale prices for those who wanted to join you in starting a MLM business, you have to make sure to structure your prices accordingly and competitively. Research about the other prices in the market that offers the same product. Read people’s reviews towards its price. Study how people are approving the product’s prices and find an opportunity to position a solution and structure your prices depends on the quality of your products and the demand of the people. You have to make sure that you will not overprice or underprice the products that are similar to others because people tend to buy products due to the price difference. The first thing that the consumer is doing most of the time is to find the cheapest or the worth the value of their money. Make your prices competitive so that people will include your product in their comparison list and probably they will search about it to know more since you have competitive pricing.

Lastly, starting a MLM business like Atomy requires effort and support from the management itself to let its members grow and develop their skills and capabilities. Conduct training and seminars for your members to deeply understand your MLM business’ goals and vision. If you want your people to exert the same effort that you are exerting for your MLM business to grow, equipping them with enough knowledge and training to market your products effectively will help you and your people to achieve your goals. Providing free informative tolls might be very helpful for them to use it in marketing the products. This will allow your people and their customers to know more about the products and services that your company offers. Other marketing tools like flyers and brochures will also help you be recognized in starting your MLM business. This serves as a personal exposure to your products and services when distributed to the community. Starting a MLM business will always require your commitment to market your products from day one. 

7 thoughts on “Starting a MLM Business

  1. I wanted to start an MLM business with my partner and I am searching for the things that I should know first. I know that this kind of business is risky but good for those people who put their hearts into doing it.

  2. I wanted to start MLM business because it was recommended by a friend who already started his MLM business. I wanted to grow my MLM business too as he did.

  3. It is not easy to start a MLM business. Before starting it, be sure to be equipped with enough knowledge about it. You should have a long-term and short-term plan ready.

  4. Starting a MLM business takes a lot of risk and responsibility. Yes, this is correct that there are certain things to be considered before choosing MLM as a kind of business that you want to start. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. My partner and I wanted to start a MLM business because we wanted to pursue our passion which is marketing and selling. We wanted to make sure that we will study every detail for us to make it successful.

  6. I know that there are lots of risks in starting MLM business. But I am a risk-taker and I am ready to face all the responsibilities that I will face when I chose to pursue this kind of business.

  7. At first, MLM business is something new to me and I have no idea about starting a MLM business. But now, everything is clear. I guess it will be a good way to start it with Atomy by joining as a seller.

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