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4 reviews for Buy Atomy 404 Lipstick (Rose Pink)

  1. Gracie-May Mcgregor

    The reviews about this are true! I really love this Atomy Lipstick! It makes my lips very moisturized even when I am wearing them all day! It is like I am wearing a lip balm instead of lipstick because I am really not experiencing that choppy lip feeling when I am wearing this amazing Atomy product.

  2. Arisa H

    I love the rich creamy moisture of 04 Lipstick (Rose Pink). After trying this one out, I wanted to buy more shades! I often wear this when I go to work and my workmates say that I look pretty in it.

  3. Nova G.

    I used to wear branded lippies but when I saw my co-worker’s lipstick was bought from Atomy but a different shade than this. I was amazed at how smooth it looked when applied. When I looked it up I saw this 404 Lipstick (Rose Pink), I found reviews that made me really buy 2 of them. I love the rosy pink look of my lips!

  4. Cate Ingrid

    I have been using other products of Atomybenefits for over a year now and when I browsed through their products, I saw this organic Atomy 404 Lipstick and immediately bought one for myself so here goes my personal review about it. I love its rosy shade that complements my fair skin. This is my everyday lipstick. It makes me feel so chick and young. Aside from it’s really aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it’s organic. It keeps my lips moisturized without making them dry and prone to chapping. It’s composed of minerals and vitamins good for our lips and it doesn’t make my lips dark.

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