Buy Atomy 432 Lipstick (Velvet Burgundy)

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3 reviews for Buy Atomy 432 Lipstick (Velvet Burgundy)

  1. Kaila Howe

    I bought this Atomy product after seeing its reviews online. I tried it on and I started to love its classy and fierce color. It makes me confident wearing this Atomy Lipstick.

  2. Serena Holland

    I was actually looking for reviews before purchasing this Atomy 432 Lipstick and I recently found out that my co-worker uses the same shade too. I highly recommend this shade since it can be a match for any type of outfit especially if you’re into darker shades.

  3. T. E. Redd

    Classy, the one word that describes this Atomy 432 Lipstick. After reading that one review I saw online, I didn’t hesitate to buy one. My friend also has one of these lipsticks but her shade was the pink one. I’m into darker shades so I chose this velvet burgundy shade. I was amazed upon knowing that it is organic and all-natural. It even has vitamins that are beneficial for our lips so it won’t get dry and crack. Aside from giving you a classy look, it takes good care of your lips by letting you absorb its vitamins and minerals. Kudos to Atomybenefits for making products like this!

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