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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Absolute Toner

  1. Sapphire Alvarado

    Atomy never disappoints me with their products. Atomy Absolute Toner leaves my skin very refreshed. I love its soothing feeling.

  2. Liezl

    I came here to post my reviews on this product so I can share it with people who want to have the best skin they can ever have. Since I started using Absolute Toner, I felt that this is the best toner for me. It works well on my skin and I can see that my skin is glowing. It is best to pair this with other Atomy skin care products. For sure, you will achieve the skin that you’ve been dreaming of just like me.

  3. Carmela Henderson

    After waking up and before going to bed, I never miss putting toner on my face. I use make up every day due to work so it’s a must for me to take care of my skin. I love feeling my skin after putting on this Atomy Absolute Toner. My skin feels so soft, looking fresh. I’ll post my second reviews soon as to what happened after a long time use.

  4. Betty Platt

    My skin rejected every toner I bought even those expensive ones. I get rashes and my face gets so red and itchy after applying those toners so I thought I might need to switch to organic ones. I started looking online for options and this one review caught my attention which really made me buy the whole set. I am so happy with this toner because it didn’t have any harmful effect on my skin. It made my skin really toned, dark spots are starting to fade. Will definitely order more of these so I won’t run out of stocks. If you’re into organic products, this is best for you. I even bought their other products because I was so satisfied with the other products I bought from them.

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