Buy Atomy Natural Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Soap Safe for Dishes, Vegetables, and Fruits 1KG

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51 reviews for Buy Atomy Natural Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Soap Safe for Dishes, Vegetables, and Fruits 1KG

  1. Tamara Bolton

    Thank you Atomy Vancouver for this natural and safe product. Why choose Atomy? Because I am only choosing the best home essentials for my family. I know that Atomy have hypoallergenic products that will not cause harm or irritation. I just wanted the best for my family. Shop online and enjoy the free delivery!

  2. Summer-Louise Romero

    Great product of Atomy that has anti-bacterial components keeping your kitchenware mice and clean! I will recommend Atomy Dish Detergent to my relatives and friends, also I will spread the word by giving it a 5-star review! Good job Atomy!

  3. Sam

    I love this Dish Detergent because it can also be used to wash vegetables and fruits! As it’s all made from natural ingredients, unlike others that are made from chemicals and harmful for us.

  4. Jahirul Islam, MBA

    Made from natural ingredients and useful to wash fruits and vegetables. Highly recommended!

  5. Jeremy

    I like the price for the money it is a good deal and good quality.

  6. Mary suzana

    Always a great product for greasy items, as well as everyday use. I was so pleased after using the product.

  7. H. Johnson

    I love the clean smell but most of all I cant believe how little amount ( just a drop or 2 ) of soap is required to make my sink full of cleansing foam.

  8. Amy Candy

    Great. Love how it tackles the dirty dishes

  9. Lisa

    I highly recommend using this product. it’s the best! Thank you Atomy Vancouver.

  10. Beth Tom

    Gets my dishes clean, works well with the Bosch dishwasher.

  11. Jose Luis Herrera

    When we make a purchase, we really need to evaluate numerous conditions that apply, both to what we seek in the product, the conditions under which it will be used, and so forth. I had been using other dishwashing liquid, but found that it just seemed to not get stuff as clean as I wanted. I tried this Atomy Natural Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Soap and immediately noticed a dramatic improvement, first load I ran with it.

  12. Analisa

    I have been using this product for over 1 year. It cleans well, dishes do not smell like bleach afterward and it doesn’t cloud my glassware as so many dishwasher soaps do.

  13. Jane Arnold

    We were not happy with our dishwasher’s performance until a dear friend introduced me to Atomy Natural Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Soap. We were truly amazed at the difference particularly in the shine of older daily use glassware and silverware. We followed each other around showing off the brilliant shine! I clean my dishes very well before they are washed (I know, I know) but Atomy Natural Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Soap even gave our old kitchen set new life.

  14. Cher Bear

    THIS stuff will get out ANY stain in your sink!
    I had coffee stain in my sink and I poured this on and you can see where it dripped and splattered. It was clean and clear.
    Works great on dishes too

  15. TiffanyA

    WORKS great will utilize again

  16. Tony

    I like this brand for getting the dishes clean .

  17. Chris

    Great product, I have a newer dishwasher. It leaves the dishes clean even with stuck on food and the silverware is sparkling. I would say to the people that are having issues with it…it’s probably more related to your dishwasher not functioning properly.

  18. Utkarsh Mishrs

    I bought these because the price was right and I wanted them to last me for a while and it definitely fit the bill.

  19. Norma

    This detergent is rated pretty high by consumer reports. There are others ranked higher for sure, but none of them boast the Natural claim, and many of them are quite expensive. I find this to work well, have a lower environmental impact, and be affordable.

  20. Cran berry

    Happy to have Atomy Natural Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Soap through the pandemic.

  21. Jeana Tare

    Works great will buy again!

  22. Shelton

    Great brand for dishwasher soap and dish soap.

  23. John Felix

    If you buy the more expensive brands and you hate paying that big price for them look no further. Ive been using this product for years and it works better than the 3 times as much brands. Its also claims to be eco friendly which is a plus.

  24. Mari

    Great product!

  25. Carla Matthews

    It gets our dishes very clean. Good job Atomy!

  26. Judy

    Atomy Natural Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Soap is the only Dishwashing Liquid I use.

  27. Natalie

    Affordable and works great.

  28. Justin M.

    I really like this product.

  29. M.N khan

    I really like this product. Works well…. no residue on my dishes

  30. Robert I.

    Good item! Thank you Atom for this good product.

  31. Karen G. Lieberman

    Great dishwasher detergent! I have hard water and does a great job on my dishes.

  32. Pegah

    I can easily clean the yellow stains from tea or coffee in your white mugs!

  33. James

    5 stars without any doubt!

  34. Cannon

    It’s work on Vegetables and Fruits as well!

  35. Amanda Broussard

    Great product!

  36. Angelina

    It smells good! Love it!

  37. Susan

    The dishes come out clean and this was a 1KG pack so also a great value.

  38. Nolan

    Recommended to all friends and family. Overall great product.

  39. Ron

    Always gets the dishes super clean

  40. ED Devo

    Works great getting grease and stuck-on food from our dishes. We’ve switched from another brand to this. Five stars!

  41. Jimbo

    Best value. Quality product. Works well

  42. Don

    It really is Great for my Dishwasher ! No residue left on my Glasses or Dishes ..

  43. Derek


  44. Jennifer Gerwick

    I have tried 5 diff detergents and this is the best.

  45. Rose grahn

    Dishes come out spotless!!

  46. M’ette

    Excellent! Highly recommended Atomy Natural Dishwashing Liquid Detergent Soap.

  47. Jeniffer

    I spent it was a good buy. Now I’ve got more than just one backup!

  48. Carne

    My dishes are clean. Good price

  49. Jay

    All I can is wow, this can really clean tough stains much better than others I tried

  50. Alanis L.

    This Atomy Dish Detergent comes in handy, especially during this pandemic so I better write my review here then. I get to wash not only my dishes but also the fruits and vegetables that I buy from the grocery. Safer and cleaner means less prone to the virus. I am very happy that I have been using the best products of Atomy for over a year now. It’s safe for fruits and vegetables since it is organic. Effectively removes stain on pans and dishes. I love the smell too!

  51. Heidi Flinch

    When I first saw this Atomy Dish Detergent, I was hesitant. It’s the first time I saw a dish detergent that could be used to wash veggies and fruits. I amazed but shocked. Now, I’ve purchased 6th times already. I am so glad I found this product. The reviews really played a big part in that decision. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone. Well-deserved ratings!

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