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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Healthy Glow Base

  1. Carolyn Lister

    This Atomy Healthy Glow Base is the reason why my make-up finish is radiant and smooth. It gives my skin a very smooth and glowing complexion. This Atomy product also does not cause any skin irritations because it is hypoallergenic. I will write more reviews about this after using it for a month!

  2. Michelle Hampton

    I want to share my reviews regarding Healthy Glow Base because I feel the need to let other people know how wonderful the product is. This product helped me achieved evenly toned skin with a pinkish glow. I use this every before application of makeup. Whatever makeup I wear, it always leaves a perfect finish making my skin look healthy.

  3. Bennie H.

    For someone like me who uses makeup on a daily basis, this is a great deal. This Healthy Glow Base does its work so well. Almost all of my makeup is from Atomy since I prefer organic cosmetics to protect my face from harmful chemicals. Reviews are everywhere online so you can look it up and see the proofs for yourself.

  4. D. E.

    I don’t normally use primer but this one I can’t live without anymore. I apply this before I do my makeup to make sure that the makeup will be flawless and smooth looking. I love this Atomy Healthy Glow Base from Atomy! Make sure to share your review too! It’s a big help.

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