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7 reviews for Buy Atomy Herbal Body Cleanser

  1. Britany Pruitt

    Atomy Herbal Body Cleanser deeply cleanses my skin without causing any irritations. This herbal product of Atomy became one of my skincare routines for the past few months and I saw visible and great results by using this. Will definitely post a nice review and buy again soon!

  2. Ashley

    I absolutely love Atomy body herbal body cleanser body wash because it healed me from scabies, here is what I recommend you do, add a quarter cup of Teatree oil to this shampoo and shake it to mix it well, Then in the shower pour some of that in a scrubber and scrub your entire body with it, you will feel relieved right away, do this a few times and the scabies and their eggs will be dead, this is the best treatment for scabies that I found.

    And also keep in mind this is the best natural remedy to kill scabies and kill scabies eggs, I am so sure you will thank me so much later for everyone who suffers from scabies.

    I found this body wash to be the best most effective way to kill scabies and their eggs, this is the cheapest way, most health way with no harsh chemicals and really the best way.

  3. Josh

    Interesting comment about scabies, thank God I never suffered from scabies before but I’m curious from anyone who suffers this and what they have to say.

  4. Maria

    I was also suffering from scabies, unfortunately now my whole family and children are suffering from the same, till I found this miracle body wash, I followed the instructions above with the tea tree oil and mixed it with this body wash, and all I can say is WOW.

    I never needed to use any harsh chemicals for my body and especially the children, this body wash by Atomy is all natural, powerful with no harm to your body, and when you add the tea tree oil to it, it become a miracle to cure scabies for you and your entire family in a natural healthy remedy way

  5. Steve Lo

    I’ve been suffering from scabies for a while myself, tried every possible treatment and none could help me, I’ve already read that most scabies are resistant to permethrin which is what they usually recommend and doesn’t work all the time plus it’s very toxic, using this Atomy product along with tea tree oil did it for me, I used to feel crawling sensations, biting and itching on my body every now and then and it all stopped after I tried this great product that’s worth every penny, remember to mix a 1/2 cup at least to this body wash, scrub it on your body in the shower using a scrubber or exfoliating gloves which you can buy from your local supermarket or pharmacy, after scrubbing all your body leave it on your body for about 5 mins. then rinse.

    I did this only once and it healed me, the reason why people might have to do it more than once probably because they got reinfected again and again.

    Keep in mind that the scabies mites needs a host to survive, without a host it can die after 3 days, so even if you get reinfected again or cross contaminated whatever you wanna call it, as along as you shower at least once a day with this method for 3-4 days, you should be fine.

    Make sure all your family members do the same thing as you do by showering and scrubbing their body with this.

    Now if you want to be perfect then do the same for 7 days, and ask all your family members to do the same thing and by then there would be no chance for the scabies to survive, lay eggs or anything.

    My family and I been having such a tough time with scabies and we honestly tried almost everything out there and we found this is the best treatment, so I’ve became experienced in all kinds of products out there that claim to work for scabies but they either don’t work, takes forever to work like maybe 2 weeks or more, or toxic.

    If anyone has any questions that would like answered, feel free to post them before and I will gladly help answer any questions you have.

    Thanks and Good Luck to all, and I hope you all get rid of these disgusting little creatures once and forever.

  6. Irene

    If I can give this miracle product 1000 starts I definitely would.

    This is the best body wash I’ve ever tried before in my life, it’s all natural and safe to use for all my children.

    I read above this would be a great treatment to use for scabies or mites, thankfully I never had to worry about that yet 😀

    Next time I’ll try mixing tea tree oil with it, it sounds like a great combination plus both smell great.

  7. Michaela

    I wish I found this earlier before spending hundreds of dollars buying products to treat scabies.

    I followed your advise above, plus I also wiped all door handles, furniture, tables with this suggested solution for extra safety.

    Knowing this is all natural, I would even put it on my body without the need to rinse, this is the best last quickest defense against scabies.

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