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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Herbday(Medium)

  1. Cari Hurst

    Atomy Herbday is making me feel fresh when using it. Atomy made sure this product will not cause any irritations. It is so comfortable to use. I will definitely buy again and write reviews soon!

  2. Vivien Chu

    Every time my period isn’t too heavy, I opt to use this Atomy Herbday (Medium) because it’s breathable, comfortable, it smells good, and really does give a fresh feeling where you can be yourself all day without worrying that period smell is going to be obvious. I just purchased the liner too so I’m gonna give my honest reviews on that soon.

  3. Myles P.

    My period usually lasts for 7 days and whenever I go out or go to work, I use these Atomy Herbday (Medium) pads just to make sure I don’t get stained while walking around or working. I thought this is just an ordinary pad but it’s really nice since it has a cooling effect maybe because of the menthol that it has. It is all organic so it is very safe for your private area. Would love to do more reviews soon.

  4. Mandy Gray

    Atomy Herbday(Medium) is very good to use for me during day time. I purchased this together with the Large one. Since this sanitary pad contains natural elements only, I am not afraid to use them. I feel safe with natural products because they do not bring negative effects to the body. The pad also does not leak that fast so I feel comfortable using them wherever I go during my period. I am happy to add my review for this product!

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