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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Lipstick (Nudy Rose)

  1. Sadie Christian

    The soft and vibrant color of this Atomy Lipstick is so satisfying. I will definitely buy other Atomy products. I will leave my review here.

  2. Reese V.

    All I can say, this is the perfect shade for me. This Atomy Lipstick Nudy Rose is exactly my preference. Not too red, not too pink. Just what I wanted it to be. You can look up reviews online where some actual photos are posted. It’s gorgeous.

  3. Cassidy Morrison

    This Atomy Lipstick (Nudy Rose) gives off the classic vibe so I’m giving my reviews here to let future buyers know. The shade is not that red and not in the shade of pink either that’s why I dig it. I wear it at work since it complements the formal setting in the office. It doesn’t get wiped off that easily and smells so great.

  4. Roxie Wright

    A rustic look is what this Atomy Lipstick Nudy Rose gives off. This is best for weddings and other formal events. I use this all the time. I always go for a bold look and this shade my favorite. If you see my review, you should definitely have one. Keep it in your purse, it can come in handy. You won’t regret buying these instead of those branded ones because this is all-natural with no harmful chemicals. It even has vitamins and minerals so it’s so nice to use. It leaves a smooth finish and doesn’t get flakey.

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