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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Mini Pouch Set The Fame

  1. Sandra Lu

    Atomy Mini Pouch Set The Fame made it easier for me. I do not have to carry everything with a hassle. Having everything that you need in a set is the best way to bring your skincare everywhere! good job Atomy!

  2. Lovie P

    I can still do my skincare regimen even when traveling with Mini Pouch Set The Fame. The set has everything you need to keep your skin in the best condition it can. I give this 5-star reviews rating since I am still loving to use it until now.

  3. Denise Louie

    I bought two of these Atomy Mini Pouch Set The Fame, one for my mini set the fame and another for my make up kit. Everything I literally own is from Atomy. It’s so handy. Looks really classy. I no longer have a problem organizing my skincare products. I often misplace everything before I purchase the pouch. Very convenient now and the reviews prove it all.

  4. Kayla Loom

    When I bought the mini set, they haven’t released this pouch yet and I was having a hard time keeping the set together in a small plastic bag. When I ordered a different product from Atomybenefits, I saw the pouch and I ordered 2 of these because why not? I used one pouch to put my mini set and the other pouch for my lippies from Atomy as well. I bring it with me all the time since my handbag is quite big. Space-saving, very convenient to use and, easy to wash. I just hope they’ll make some other colors so there will be different options to choose from. I even bought my mom this one and she loves it, very handy according to her.

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