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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Pocket Tissue

  1. Anvay

    I like how it dissolves in water. In a small little way I help mother nature! Why choose atomy? Because it doesn’t hurt mother nature.

  2. Millie-Rose Bailey

    Since I love traveling, I love to carry this Atomy Pocket Tissue that is light-weight and eco friendly! This Atomy product is soft and gentle to the skin when you use it. I would love to spread the positive review about this!

  3. Garett Welsh

    Searched online for some eco-friendly tissue I could use and the reviews of this product showed up. It amazes me that I won’t have to worry about the trash of my used tissues. This Atomy Pocket Tissue is simply incredible! I bought 1 bag to stock at home since I am going to use it every day. It’s nature-friendly. Very handy.

  4. Trixie Winston

    This Pocket Tissue from Atomy comes in handy so I’m excited to share my reviews. It’s biodegradable so I have no issue when I throw it in the bin. It’s not that thin and it doesn’t easily get torn. It fits perfectly in my purse so I can bring it with me every day and use it whenever I need to.

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