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7 reviews for Buy Atomy Scrubber

  1. Anis Ferrell

    I am really amazed by this Atomy Scrubber! Atomy made this with Anti-bacterial components so you do not need to worry about the cleanliness of your utensils! I really love posting and sharing this great review to share my experience!

  2. Amanda Stern

    My mom told me why I had to order a scrubber online when I could just buy it in a grocery store so I showed her the reviews I saw online. This Atomy Scrubber really is a lot different. I’ve been using this and it really removes dish stains, oils, and the smell effectively. The antimicrobial agent that it has makes you feel at ease that what your family is using to eat or cook food is safe.

  3. Anne Jazz

    The great thing about this Scrubber is that it’s cut into a shape that’s easy to hold. A big plus is the antimicrobial agent that it has so I can be confident that all those germs or grease residue will be gone. Our health and our family’s health must be a top priority that’s why I recommend this Atomy product to everyone else and here I am adding to the reviews.

  4. Leslie Winklet

    I buy a lot of Atomy products on this site. One of those products is this Atomy Scrubber. I love this product because it really cleans our plates and pans at home. I don’t use the dishwasher because I prefer washing them with my own hands so I can make sure that the plates, utensils, and cooking wares. It’s also very safe because it has an antimicrobial agent that prevents molds and bacteria from developing on the sponge. It’s very convenient to use since it’s already cut into a shape that’s easy to hold. It doesn’t get worn out too easily. Very durable. I love how it’s organically made with all-natural components making it easy to decompose and wouldn’t harm the environment. If you’re going to choose scrubbers that are great and won’t put your family in danger, you can purchase online a pack of this since one pack consists of 4 scrubbers.

  5. Rica Jensen

    Aside from its shape that’s very convenient to hold, I love how this Atomy Scrubber doesn’t get worn out into pieces after only several uses. I change my scrubber sponge every 2 weeks to avoid bacteria from developing on it. I bought 2 packs of these but the other pack was taken by my mom because she liked it as well. I ordered another 2 packs to keep at home since I made a purchase online with different Atomy products. I am so lucky that they are on sale. For moms out there who can read this review, I guarantee this is a must-have at home. Very reliable, durable, and safe for the whole family. The antimicrobial agent that it has makes it even safer so I am relieved that my family is in good hands.

  6. Teresa Penn

    Been using sponge scrubbers from the dollar store ever since but it gets worn out with just a few usages. I am so tired of always buying. It’s not that even that effective when washing the pans and dishes. I saw this Atomy Scrubber at my friend’s house when I went there for a sleepover and I was so amazed about this sponge. It’s durable and it’s an easy-grip type. I asked her where she bought it and she referred me here. This is actually my second purchase online of this sponge scrubber. I bought other products too. What makes me so happy is that it is on sale so I can enjoy discounts on all the products I bought. I’m never gonna switch to a different brand of products. I can get most of what I need here in Atomy. Organic and durable. The best products I’ve bought so far and highly recommended.

  7. Denise Ira G.

    I once volunteered in a soup kitchen near my area and I noticed they’ve been using products from Atomy. When I came home that day, I immediately looked up online about Atomy and immediately made a purchase online. I’ve read that all of their products are organic which amazes me. I love organic products myself. Ever since I bought this Atomy Scrubber, I stopped buying the ones in the dollar store. This one doesn’t get easily worn out into pieces. It removes stains on plates and pans easily. It’s very easy to hold since the shape is designed for easy grip. I love how it doesn’t absorb the oil and smell of the food stains because it’s so unhygienic. I am so glad that it has an antimicrobial agent on it so the bacteria won’t develop on the scrubber. I am confident that I am putting our food in a safe container all because of these Atomy products. I will never switch to any other brand, I am very satisfied with Atomy!

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