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4 reviews for Buy Atomy 409 Lipstick (Poppy Red)

  1. Maci Lynch

    How is it even possible for Atomy to produce this fabulous color of lipstick even? Given that they are using all-natural ingredients, this Atomy Lipstick never causes any irritations in my lips. I love the color! I love the moisturizing effect! And I love to give this a 5-star review!

  2. Penelope H.

    This is my daily lipstick. I use it at work, going to a party. My favorite shade is red so Atomy 409 Lipstick is my personal choice. You can see lots of reviews online about this shade. It really makes yourself luscious!

  3. Nina Kale

    I stand out with red so most of my lipsticks are in the shade of red. I use it wherever I go. I feel so confident if I use the shade of red especially this 409 Lipstick (Poppy Red) from Atomy. It’s all-natural which is really beneficial for my lips. It feels so smooth and it’s not flaky. Just read the reviews for yourself.

  4. M. Norman

    I am an event planner and most days, I get to plan grand parties for elite people. This Atomy 409 Lipstick saved me from looking terrible during my events. This is my party lipstick. The red shade looks really fierce and does boost my confidence a lot. I get to face my clients without worrying if I look terrible or overly prepared. Even if I’m using this lipstick almost every day, I didn’t have to worry about it darkening my lips because it’s organic and doesn’t consist of harmful chemicals. It consists of vitamins and minerals that are good for our lips which makes it safer to use even on a daily basis.

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