Buy Atomy Bubble & Color 5 (Brown)*1EA

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5 reviews for Buy Atomy Bubble & Color 5 (Brown)*1EA

  1. Ackley

    Why choose Atomy??? Because Atomy Bubble And Color Makes me look younger because it covers my gray hair!

  2. Lindsey Sharma

    I was afraid to dye my hair before because of the harmful chemicals that hair dyes have. Good thing I found good reviews about Atomy Bubble & Color online. I immediately ordered it from Atomy. The results are amazing! It did not damage my hair! Plus the moisture is still locked in!

  3. Marcus Dwight

    Bought this Atomy Bubble & Color 5 for my mom and she definitely loved it! Told me to buy more because it made her look younger and the color doesn’t fade too easily. Surprisingly it didn’t damage her scalp or hair which I was really scared of. Definitely worth more 5 star reviews!

  4. Olsen Reilly

    I ordered two of these a month ago and I was surprised how it doesn’t fade that fast, unlike other brands. Wish they’ll add more colors to the choices so I can try different colors and post my reviews here.

  5. Jasmin T.

    I’m in my late 50s and my white hair has been quite an issue for me. I’ve been coloring my hair for almost 4 years now and I hate how those hair colors smell and they make my hair dry and frizzy. When I saw a review about this Atomy Bubble Color 5 Brown, I bought 2 of these. I love how it doesn’t smell like a harsh chemical. I’ve read its label and it’s organic which amazes me the most. It didn’t make my hair frizzy and dry.

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