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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Latex Gloves M *2set

  1. Vicki Fuller

    I hate using bare hands when cleaning stuff! Good thing I discovered this amazing product of Atomy online by reading reviews about it. Atomy Latex Gloves is real soft and comfortable to use since it is made of natural components it is not harsh to my skin.

  2. Francine Merrit

    Whenever I do general house cleaning, I feel sorry for my hands afterward because they’re itchy, red, a bit inflamed. Bought cheap latex gloves on a dollar store but it didn’t even last for 2 weeks. My friend looked online and the reviews and eventually ordered one and give the other set to me and I couldn’t believe I’d appreciate Atomy Latex Gloves this much. Totally saved my super sensitive hands from suffering again.

  3. Jada T.

    I’ve been hating cleaning the house or even the garage because of the chemicals that touch my skin or hands. My skin gets irritated and very itchy. I started using gloves from Walmart but in just 3 uses, they became brittle. These Latex Gloves are actually a good buy. It’s durable which definitely deserves 5-star reviews. Doesn’t get damaged after 3 uses only. It has a pretty good grip plus it is biodegradable.

  4. Katherine D.

    It’s very important to use latex gloves whenever we wash the dishes, do a cleaning that would require the use of chemicals that could be harmful to us. Better invest in something that can last long and is durable. These Atomy Latex Gloves are the only latex gloves that I trust. It is organic and very comfortable for my hands. Well deserved 5-star review!

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