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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Lipstick (Cotton Rose)

  1. Karla Tait

    I love this Atomy product. This Atomy Lipstick gives my lips long-lasting color all day. I would love to recommend this to others and write reviews about it.

  2. L. Jensen

    I thought I could add my experience here as one of the reviews so here is it, I’m into pinkish or floral shades exactly why I bought this Atomy Lipstick Cotton Rose. It makes me look fresh and younger. I love the shade so much, I feel like my lips look are looking more kissable.

  3. Josephine Cote

    I stopped wearing lipstick because it becomes flaky just after a few hours. I hear from a friend that all-natural cosmetics don’t do that. Browsing online has been a great help in finding Atomy Lipstick (Cotton Rose) with all these great reviews. I bought 2 of these shades. I love how pinkish and so feminine the look that it gives.

  4. Barbie Jackson

    One thing I love about Atomybenefits products is because they are natural and I’m posting this review to help future buyers decide. This Atomy Lipstick Cotton Rose is very cute, the way it suits everything I wear may it be in the office or just at home or simply a walk in the park. I love how the shade makes me feel like I young. I actually have the other shades too but this one is my favorite because I am into pink colors. I love how they made it organic and with lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for the lips so it won’t get darkened and dry, which could lead to cracking.

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