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4 reviews for Buy Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Tangerine)

  1. Tyra Daniels

    I like how this Atomy Lipstick in tangerine color matches perfectly with my skin tone. This Atomy product’s color is not super bright and not super light. It gives me the exact color just how I like it. This deserves all the great reviews.

  2. Hope Wills

    What I like about Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Tangerine) is it giving me a summer feels. The color is so refreshing. Also, it is made of natural products so I believe it is good for the lips. It makes me buy more after leaving my reviews!

  3. Beverly R.

    Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Tangerine) Perfect during outdoor activities. Gives a summer vibe and I feel so carefree when I use this. I have nothing to worry about its ingredients since it’s an all-natural cosmetic. It even moisturizes my lips and doe not make them dry. I really wanted to share my reviews because I am so satisfied them.

  4. Jenny Williams

    Since summer is approaching, I wanted to complete my summer look with this Atomy Lipstick (Poppy Tangerine). For me, I think this color suits the season well. When it was delivered to me along with the other Atomy products I purchased, I hurriedly tried it on. I am so happy with the result. I so love the vibrant color of tangerine! It does not make my lips. Also, since it has great moisture, I will not worry anymore about dry lips this summer.

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