Dish Detergent

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3 reviews for Dish Detergent

  1. Tamara Bolton

    Thank you Atomy Vancouver for this natural and safe product. Why choose Atomy? Because I am only choosing the best home essentials for my family. I know that Atomy have hypoallergenic products that will not cause harm or irritation. I just wanted the best for my family. Shop online and enjoy the free delivery!

  2. Summer-Louise Romero

    Great product of Atomy that has anti-bacterial components keeping your kitchenware mice and clean! I will recommend Atomy Dish Detergent to my relatives and friends, also I will spread the word by giving it a 5-star review! Good job Atomy!

  3. Sam

    I love this Dish Detergent because it can also be used to wash vegetables and fruits! As it’s all made from natural ingredients, unlike others that are made from chemicals and harmful for us.

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